Mia’s Corner

So, I have a confession. I love my logo.




I’ve had the saying for years. Ever since a chance run in with a very green ER intern, I’ve called myself the Medical Oddity. And whenever a doctor purses her lips while looking at my latest test results or I see the chart sticking out of a pile on the desk of a new specialist, I just smile and reassure him: “don’t worry, I’m used to that look, that’s what happens when you’re medically complex.”

And now I have a logo! And it is all because of my SpoonieSis. We’ve never met in person but we share a bond that transcends the thousands of miles that separate us (and we met on twitter). So I’d like to introduce you to the very talented Mia and the amazing designs she has created that explore the many facets of being chronically ill.

Check out her work here:


Click here for the full Breathe Mia Arts Collection


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