It’s Been a While

Well I certainly have fallen out of the blogosphere.

The last few months have been rough but I wanted to do a quick check in to say hello.

I was recently let go from my job of nearly a decade. I really enjoyed the work and the people, but my illness made it impossible to travel and be in the office daily. It’s been a big adjustment to no longer have a career to define myself. I know that my health come first, but it has definitely been a learning curve to be okay with myself without the job I love. All this was compounded by a change in my health.

It was not a positive shift.

Since my last pituitary surgery in January 2015, I have been getting infection after infection. After many courses of antibiotics, my stomach started acting up. I was diagnosed with c-diff because the constant rotation of antibiotics had obliterated all of the good bacteria needed to keep things running well. So I started on a very strong antibiotic that increased my stomach pain. It caused two different week-long hospitalizations. And I couldn’t get rid of it. One two week course turned into a 6 week course and then a three and half month course. I have been on this medication since May and I still have a few weeks to go. So the end is near! Woo-hoo!