It started with a tweet. And a very long drive to Pennsylvania. Our friendship began on twitter, so why not go a step further and fire up the laminating machine? Whoa. I am getting way ahead of myself here, the thought of laminating tends to do that to me. So let’s go back to that long drive and talk about Mia. Mia and I met close two years ago and have become fast friends. Spoonie-sisters that share the unfortunate bond of migraine but also a love of dogs, shark-week and loose-leaf tea. Mia suffers from terrible migraines. So drastic and overwhelming that I feel likeRead More →

It’s been a while… I really do start a lot of blog posts that way. It’s a shame, because I do have a lot of thoughts percolating around up here, but life always gets in the way. Chronic illness will certainly contribute to that, you may have every intention in the world but plans are as fragile as glass.  Pain bears down on the crack and splits the once solid surface into shards, cutting and injuring all those that come into contact. We bleed as we flit from diagnosis to diagnosis. My last post was on the eve of my 40th birthday in March, andRead More →

Today is the last day of my thirties. Wow, that feels strange to immortalize in print. One one hand, there is a running narrative where I still don’t feel completely at ease with the fact that I am a grown woman —a sneaking, slithering thought percolating that I am pretending at this game we call adulthood. After all, wasn’t it just yesterday that I was debating prom themes and worrying about extracurricular activities with my friends? Heck, I still have stress dreams about winning Senior year’s Spirit Week. Then there is the other corner of my mind, the one that feels like that of anRead More →

I’ve been away for a while, but I wanted to give you an update and it all revolves around this: I’m in migraine hell. Today is day 37 of the longest, most painful migraine of my life. For the past two decades I have dealt with migraines. And so have most of the females in my family tree: Grandma, Mom, my aunt a have to wrestle with this beast that is oft categorized as a headache but in the reality is so much worse.  And in the last 7 or 8 years, the trigeminal neuropathy (i.e. was so severe it was likely masking the migraineRead More →

The original title of this post was First Do No Harm, and it was an updated version of an old post I had written last year about a terrible (but unfortunately not uncommon) visit to the ER and being dismissed outright by the medical staff. The publication changed the title and it seemed to touch a lot of people who had been in similar situations. When an ER Nurse Blamed My Weight for My Chronic PainRead More →

(Photo on the left was last night, and on the right is this morning.) Well, life as a MedicalOddity is never boring. My eye is well on its way to swelling shut. The fun never ends you guys! 🤪Read More →

Okay, that title may be a little dramatic but, let me tell you, as a person that has always repeated the mantra: “failure to plan is planning to fail.” I like organization, I’ve always been a joiner, and, I like to control my own schedule. So, the learning curve on chronic illness has been brutal. Now, don’t get me wrong, with chronic illness you do a lot of planning, but it is mostly contingency planning (what to do when something goes wrong, i.e. your body does not cooperate, the venue is not accessible) rather than being able to plan out your day to day schedule,Read More →

Happy #LaborDay to all my friends that labor & to all that work tirelessly every day to make lives better for the American worker! #unionYes #unionsmatter #Unions *and, on a side note, I have a few blog pieces in the hopper and hope to back to it soon. Such is #chroniclife #spoonieproblems  Read More →