Taking Time, And a New Diagnosis

Taking Time, And a New Diagnosis

It’s been a while…

I really do start a lot of blog posts that way. It’s a shame, because I do have a lot of thoughts percolating around up here, but life always gets in the way. Chronic illness will certainly contribute to that, you may have every intention in the world but plans are as fragile as glass.  Pain bears down on the crack and splits the once solid surface into shards, cutting and injuring all those that come into contact. We bleed as we flit from diagnosis to diagnosis.

My last post was on the eve of my 40th birthday in March, and while a lot has happened it has been mixed in with long stretches of nothing at all. I am still fighting the migraine beast. Lots of different strategies, doctors trips and kinds of medications, but it’s all part of the game. not much new to report on that front except I did get a new pair of glasses that have lenses that are slightly tinted and they cut out 80 percent of blue light. So that helps in out screen rich, technology-laden environment.

Here I am with my fancy tinted-bluelight-cutting glasses, with Oakland A’s Mascot Stomper!

In other news, I have a brand new diagnoses, but it’s in it’s early stages, so I’m not really going to go into it in depth right now. My gastroenterologist, who I adore, and have been working with since I suspected my third Cushing’s recurrence, has always suspected that I have more than one stomach condition. Due to all the out-of-whack hormones, constant infections, antibiotics, etc, it has been hard to pin down but she is sure that I have IBS-D and suspects a few others. So I expect a lot more testing to come. And that, my friends, means more poop. Hey, better than some things I’ve done in the name of health!

It is what is is when you’re a medical oddity.