It’s been a while… I really do start a lot of blog posts that way. It’s a shame, because I do have a lot of thoughts percolating around up here, but life always gets in the way. Chronic illness will certainly contribute to that, you may have every intention in the world but plans are as fragile as glass.  Pain bears down on the crack and splits the once solid surface into shards, cutting and injuring all those that come into contact. We bleed as we flit from diagnosis to diagnosis. My last post was on the eve of my 40th birthday in March, andRead More →

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, lots of stuff going on that’s hampered my ability to post, so I’m writing a quick check-in to say hello. The last month has been full of medication changes and weaning, new doctors, new injuries and diagnoses, and, a looooong heat-wave (that we are still in the midst of) has made life challenging, to say the least I’m hoping to have a new update soon, and you can always find me on Twitter here.Read More →

Or, “Sorry you’re sick, you’re just not sick enough.” I was having a relatively good day, and by that I mean I made it downstairs to the couch. That all changed when the mail came. It seems I have been denied for disability again. This is my second application and my first appeal. That’s three denials for those keeping score at home.* According to the Social Security Administration I am not sick enough to not have full-time employment. This may prove problematic because, as I mentioned above, my good days lately mean I can make it from my bed to my couch. Perhaps it isRead More →

So I managed to tweak my hip at the beginning of the week. Good thing I have my final pain clinic appointment tomorrow (right after the doctors conference on me, Dr. House style) where they will come up with my multi-disciplinary treatment plan. Aside from feeling lots of pain (not to mention very old), I can only lay in one position–flat on my back–and haven’t slept much in the past 3 days. Needless to day, the combo of not moving and minimal sleep have limited my ability to be very productive. So, while I have a few blog updates & essays percolating, I thought I’dRead More →

I suppose I got too comfortable and maybe that compounded the problem. Not physically comfortable because that hasn’t happened in recent memory, but more comfortable with the vastness that begins to envelop you when you tangle with the medical-bureaucratic-beast that is the healthcare system when you have chronic illness(es). I have a cadre of kind, knowledgeable doctors that I rely on and trust to guide me. But sometimes we must go beyond those boundaries, whether for additional comprehensive treatment or for situations that require emergency intervention. So that brings us to yesterday, or last week for sake of a more complete picture. I have beenRead More →