This is Just Craftastic

This is Just Craftastic

You guys, my birthday present is finished, and it is amazing!

First some quick backstory about my hobbies:

  1. I have always enjoyed taking two existing words, combining them and creating a new and exciting word (i.e. giant +enormous=ginormous). Hence the title of my blog post.
  2. Since I have been chronically ill, I have started crafting. Just a little, here and there, when I am feeling up to doing more than my usual Netflix marathons. It’s fun and I’ve made some pretty cute things for fellow spoonies and friends.
  3. I love to organize. This impulse has lain mostly dormant while I’ve been stuck in bed.

Anyway, back to my craftastic present. My mother gave me a craft room remodel and my father built me the piece-de-resistance.

The pegboard of my Pinterest wishes and crafting dreams. Craftastic.