Marching For Us All (originally posted 1.22.17)

Marching For Us All (originally posted 1.22.17)

Yesterday, people from all over the United States (and even in countries across the world) got together to march for equality. Marchers were there for many different reasons, equal rights, inclusion, protecting and increasing civil liberties and more.

I am no stranger to marches, having walked different progressive causes during the last few decades. But circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to physically pound my feet on the concrete and chant along with the masses to fight for our collective rights.

But the activist in me will not be silenced. So I will fight.  For equality. For inclusion. For saving health care so people like me who are often uninsurable, will not be left behind if the tenets of the ACA are repealed.

So yesterday, while my social media feed was filled with amazing pictures of people coming together around the country, I did what I could to join in. The disability march was a chance for people to join in electronically and, for a group that is often invisible, and left out, a chance to be seen.

So here I am. This is what an invisible illness looks like. This is what a disability looks like.

This is me.

Left: Washington DC circa 2000;  Right: here & now