And They Call It Puppy Love…(originally posted 1.12.17)

And They Call It Puppy Love…(originally posted 1.12.17)

An emotional support dog is an animal that provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship.

Today I remembered that I have a puppy. 

As a chronically ill person, my dog is an integral part of my life. I rely on her company and presence. The softness of her fur and the reassuring heft of her warm body leaning against me as I spend most of my day in bed. In the fleeting moments when I sit outside, she cuddles up and watches the signs nature occurring all around us with a youthful curiosity and a sense of wonder. She is love and support in a nice warm ball of fur, but still she causes enough acts of mischief to make me remember that she is a puppy. 

I remember that every time I put on my glasses with piece of the frame chewed off.

When I cannot find an important piece of paper and I have to search under the bench in the bedroom (which is lovingly referred to as “her rat-hole), I remember. 

When she ate my father’s hearing aid, boy did I remember.

As I clip on my Fitbit covered with bite marks, I remember. 

The list goes on, but as I type this out, said puppy ambles over, wedges herself in next to me, drops her head on my leg and lets out a contented puppy sigh. And I remember, this time I remember why I love her so.

So happy first birthday Gracie. It’s been a challenging but ultimately very lovely year with you. Here’s to many more.